3 amazing Lisbon day trips by scooter

Lisbon has a host of amazing locations that make the perfect day trip just out of the city centre. Each one of these stunning sights of the Lisbon metropolitan area is easily accessible with a scooter. From the fantastical sintra and its colourful palace, to the glistening beaches of costa da Caprica. This blog will break down these amazing locations, detailing where they are and some of the best tips for while your there to help you out.


Just 36km to the west of Lisbon and 30 minutes by scooter is the beautiful coastal town of Cascais. One of Portugal’s more upscale resorts, host to an array of fabulous five-star hotels, restaurants, and beaches.

Its long been a destination for the Portuguese wealth and nobility since the 1900s when king Luis I of Portugal would holiday in the town with the royal family. Today this wealth and chic remains, with just a quick walk around the harbour you will be in amazed at the luxurious yachts, sail boats and flashy cars.

Beyond the wealth and luxury, the town offers a very tranquil atmosphere, Cascais’ esplanades gives you the ability to walk and explore the town with ease giving you some much needed rest after trekking up and down the steep streets of Lisbon.


Sintra is place you may have already heard of during your research of Portugal and Lisbon. Sintra is simply a must visit if your Portugal let alone anywhere within the Lisbon metropolitan area. There’s a reason Sintra appears on every travel list, blog, or video to do with Portugal. Sintra is host to castles, palaces, natural scenery, rustic architecture and more!

One of the best places to explore via scooter due to its very steep and winding terrain and the ability to easily travel between the different sights as demand for taxis is high and expensive in this area due to the amount o tourists.
The picturesque town is home to some lovely and quaint cafes and bars offering a perfect place to relax before seeing all the sights or to wind down after a long day of whizzing around taking it all in. This provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy the wonderfully delicious delicacies of Sintra such as the travesseiros and queijada.

Then onto the Quinta da Regaleira sat just outside the centre of sintra is this fabulous estate designed by Italian architect Luigi Manini in the 1800s. The estate includes a chapel, lush park, and the initiating well for you look wonder around and discover. The gardens are particularly peaceful in the mornings before the majority of tourists arrive.

Perhaps the most famous of all in sintra is the Pena palace and park. The strikingly coloured palace situated atop the hill a 10-minute drive from the town offers one of the most unique and photogenic places in all of Portugal. The park leading up to the palace is filled with peaceful ponds and colourful flowers with 200 hectares for you to explore. The palace itself is a breath-taking combination of colour and beautiful architecture while also providing stunning views of the surrounding area. Tickets for the palace can also be booked online so ensure you do beforehand to avoid the queues.

Sintra day tour by scooter
Day trips by scooter from lisbon

Costa da Caparica

Just a 20-minute scooter ride from the centre of Lisbon across the Ponte 25 de Abril is Costa da Caprica. Caprica is a stunning stretch of uninterrupted beach spanning 15km. The stetch is separated into different beaches with their own names and differences.

Further north the beaches are bustling and popular whereas further down the costa da Caprica is more relaxed and quieter atmosphere; this is also where the naturalist beaches are.

But if you are looking for a bit of sun and beach this is where to go. Whether you’re looking to sit around and sunbathe, go for a relaxing walk or something more active like surfing Caprica is the place to go.

Also, if traveling by scooter you have no need to worry about transport or when the last bus will leave giving you the opportunity to stay as long as you want to even catch the glistening sunset from the beach.