Why a guided e-bike tour is the best way to see Lisbon?


An electric bike is simply a regular bike with a motor to assist you when pedalling, creating a seamlessly effortless ride.

Conquer the 7 Hills with ease

exploring lisbon on an electric bike tour

Up & Down the  7 Hills of Lisbon

In a city like Lisbon known for its many hills, a bike tour can be off-putting for many, but an electric bike tour allows you to make your way up the 7 hills of Portugal’s capital city without the slightest struggle. This allows you to focus on the beauty of the many sites that Lisbon has to offer instead of worrying about how tired you are going to feel after pedalling up that dreaded hill.

Local Guides

It also saves you time and research of finding those places to visit and what to see. Portugal’s capital city is a beautiful place with many places to visit making it easy to miss out on those all-important must-see sites.

Having a local tour guide allows you to see many of those attractions all in one tour, saving you the struggle of figuring out how to get from one place to another. A guided tour with local guides will also mean you have their knowledge to learn about the history and culture behind those sites instead of seeing them without meaning.

Google can’t find everything in a city for you, a local tour guide can share with you the best spots in the city and give you great hidden gems such as the best places to eat that you may not find elsewhere.

Traditional Neighbourhoods of Lisbon - Mouraria / Alfama

Traditional Neighbourhoods

You can visit some of the most traditional neighbourhoods of Lisbon all in one tour. The likes of Alfama which is Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhood, undefeated by the historical 1755 earthquake, where it’s beautiful winding streets were once designed by the Moors as a method of defence against attacks.

Mouraria being the most culturally diverse district of Lisbon, the area where Portuguese Fado music was introduced to the city and its strong presence of street art from every angle.

Additionally, taking an e-bike will allow you to experience the last of Lisbon’s 7 hills, the area of Graça, known for Lisbon’s most breath-taking viewpoints such as the Senhora do Monte belvedere, where you can view the whole of Lisbon’s old town from the highest point of the city.

BONUS SUGGESTION – e-Bike Guided Tours

Up The Hills to Alfama

Lisbon is hilly, old and… insanely beautiful. Comfortably explore the most charming, colourful and traditional neighbourhoods, such as Alfama and Graça with our vintage and good-looking e-bikes. You’ll start to believe that you are in great shape (which may not be entirely true).


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Lisbon Delicious Food Tour

Pedal through the most beautiful and authentic areas in Lisbon while being introduced to new food experiences. In addition to the famous codfish, portuguese cuisine is plenty of many other delicious dishes. Get ready to ride into the heart of Lisbon and trust us… This tour is all about pleasure!


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Follow the River to Belém

The most relaxing e-bike ride is along Lisbon’s riverside! This tour is perfect for riders of all levels, the flat route along the river invites to slow down, to look around and appreciate the amazing landscape towards Belém.


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Into the Woods of Monsanto

On this adventurous guided e-bike tour you’ll be taken to the largest green area in Lisbon – Monsanto. Known as the “Lisbon lungs”, Monsanto Forest Park is an excellent choice for those who want to get out of the city centre and embrace 900 hectares of greenery.


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